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Why Druskininkai is the best resort in Lithuania?


Have you ever had a long time in choosing which Lithuanian resort to spend your holidays or get away for a weekend? Numerous travel agency agencies or websites offers lots of choices, suggesting a variety of hotels and attractions, iniviting to visit various Lithuanian resorts and towns. This article will look at what makes Druskininkai more special compared with other resorts in Lithuania.

The city with the most sanatoriums and SPA is open to its guests all year round. There are 6 modern sanatoriums in Druskininkai offering time-tested healing treatments, enriched with mud and mineral water procedures. Sanatoriums are modernizing and renewing together with the intensely beautifying city. Constant training raises the skills of the employees, which helps to deliver the most successful results for the holidaymakers. The newest SPA resorts, Druskininkai physiotherapy center, numerous hotels and guest houses await tourists all year round.

Druskininkai has a particularly colorful cultural life and a wide choice of entertainment. In addition to all the treatments and pool complexes you can also feel the summer at aquapark all year round. Also, try the Snow Arena, which is accessible with cable cars - eco-friendly transport at 45 meters height. Located in a pine forest, the resort boasts fresh air and an abundance of hiking and biking trails that stretch around the city. Here you will also find K. Dineika Wellness Park, Vijūnėlė Park, Soviet museum ‚Grutas Park‘ near Druskininkai, lots of different museums and other places of interest. Frequent festivals, concerts, international theater festivals, fairs and sporting events enrich the cultural life not only for the city residents but also for the guests.

The article presents only some of the arguments that make Druskininkai more attractive than other resorts in Lithuania. All year round the resort welcomes guests who are already in love with the city and those who are newcomer guests. Thank you for contributing to the improvement of the city and helping to move it forward!

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Assessment of Lithuanian Free Market Institute: Druskininkai – among best Lithuanian municipalities


The municipal index, presented by the Lithuanian Free Market Institute, notes that the Druskininkai Municipality's maximum 100-point assessment came in the areas of “Education” and “Transport”, high-valued and other areas - “The Municipal Utilities services”, “Administration”, “Health and Social Affairs”, “Investment and Development”, “The Budget”

The high assessment of Druskininkai Municipality was due to the fact that the private sector (passenger transport, heat production, waste collection) was operating in the areas of "Transport" and the "Municipality utilities services" in 2017. The price of heating in Druskininkai fell from 5.97 ct to 5.56 ct/kWh and was below the average price (6.33 ct/kWh).

The score of the “education” area was determined by the highest results of pupils in Lithuania in state mature examinations and efficient management of school infrastructure.

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