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Lets get married in Druskininkai

Druskininkai is waiting for future newlyweds from all over World – a distinguished beauty-famous resort is a perfect place for wedding. In Druskininkai, the newlyweds  will enjoy the most beautiful celebrations of their life, the exceptional places for marriage  and the aggressive environment for photographs.

In need of services, future newlyweds can turn to the deputy director of the Druskininkai Municipality Administration's Law and Civil Metric Division, Ramutė Juonienė tel: (8313) 53756 or e.mail: [email protected]

Druskininkai can offer the most diverse placemants for getting married, persuasive for both romantic amateurs and extreme sports admirers:

The Druskininkai City Museum, located at the coast of the salt lake, is yet another called villa “Linksma” (Fun). The city museum is the most beautiful and decorative building with the large history. The young people here not only legalize their love, but also choose it as a place for the photography.

Leipalingio country-seat. A 16-century artistic country-seat is a perfect choice for romantic and elegant celebrations. It is possible to have educational programmes, to learn authentic dances, so entertainment and good mood for wedding – guaranteed.

Karolis Dineika's Health Park. Two years ago, the renovated park, a special cruel place, opened the gates. A hundred-year-old park is surrounded by pine trees planted with flowers, and a small waist in its middle is well suited to the wedding ceremony.

Winter entertainment complex Snow Arena. The fans of extreme senses can choose Snow Arena during the marriage ceremony, and the guests of the wedding are invited to the restaurant of Aero Gallery based at 50 metre above. To nake it even more impressive, newlyweds from the resort centre could enjoy a ride on the Lines Road to Snow Arena.

Marriage ceremony on the water. In Druskininkai, there is a growing popularity of shipping, so the romantic and adventure-thirsty newlyweds can choose a swim on the ship, for example, to the island of Love where they could listen to the legend about love of two young people and legitimize their own.

The sea of 220 thousand narcises. In April, in Druskininkai, a hundreds of thousands narcise sea is blosoming.  This is indeed an extraordinary, impressive place for the festive ceremony.

“The source of beauty.” During the celebration ceremony, the newlyweds can choose and access the beauty source by the cost of river Nemunas. The location of the saltest and deepest mineral water of Druskininkai is indeed unique: mineral water is stretched from a stone bas-relief that is presented by an exceptional sculptures.

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