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Opportunities for investors


The municipality of Druskininkai is looking for funding sources to reconstruct the existing, a few decades ago successfully operated, and currently rarely used, the ground aerodrome used for nonpro purposes.

It is planed to install: a solid cover runway for 23 m width and with a length of 1199 m, an aerodrome lighting, access roads, navigation and other equipment necessary for the operation of the aerodrome. The renovation of the aerodrome could allow up to 30 t of weight planes and up to 70 local turbopropeller planes.

rental of aeroplanes;

Protection of aeroplanes and other aviation equipment;

Overnight accommodation, guest homes, etc.;

Aerial sport and avia-tourizm;

Trade and catering facilities;

Active recreation services, such as using hot air balloons, motobike sports and etc.

Installations for the storage of aviation and other technical equipment.




The municipality of Druskininkai intends to set up the complex of the former Nemunas' sanatorium buildings. It is planned to renovate the former concert hall to serve the cultural needs of the resort, introducing theatre, cinema, rehearsal premises and administrative premises.


The municipality of Druskininkai seeks to revive the famous and particularly, during the last century popular, Rehabilitation park. This park is situated in the centre of the resort, a beautiful pine Ratnyčia on the 19ha coast of the river. The park's activities started in the early twentieth century, when after the first World War, a doctor E.Levicka established a therapeutic gymnastic base in this park. There was a place where people enjoyed solar, air and water procedures under the open sky. In 1952 when control of park was given to K.Dineika park was supplemented with: open basins, sunbaths, cascade baths, doorway walking paths, a pool of biologically active acupressure points, sumplimented by the pharmacy plant garden. A little later, a unique areohydro-ionotic pavilion was installed in which the air was ionized by falling water currents, while the ratio of positive and negative ions twice exceeded the rates of famous resorts, at the time,based in the Swiss and Russian. In 1969, the Rehabilitation Park visited between 3 and 4 thousand holidaymakers and tourists every day, while over 400 thousand procedures were performed here during the summer season. In the last two decades, the Health Park belonged to former Lithuanian trade unions, but after their rule, the park's condition became deplorable: the territory was flooded, unhandled and abandoned, the buildings were destroyed. Currently, the Rehabilitation Park is owned by the municipality of Druskininkai. The park area is included in the list of protected cultural heritage objects.

A contract on the funding of the Rehabilitation Park project was signed in 2013. The renovation process of the park is divided into four stages. Currently works are already underway under projects “Restoration of Untangible Old Traditions in the Historical Rehabilitation Park” and “Installation of Extraordinary Active Rerest Area in the Historical Health Park”. The projects are financed in 2007-2013 by Support from the European Union Structural Funds and the Druskininkai Municipality funds. The total value of the projects amounts to around 2.3 million euros.

Up to now, about 70 percent of the park has been renovated: reconstructed walking paths, cascade baths, ionization pavilion, acupressure swimming pool, installed terrace, public toilet, drinkers, children's game sites, outside mechanic simulators, shores and slopes of the Ratnyčia River. In other steps, it is envisaged to install amphitheatre, a bridge over the Ratnyčėlė and continue to reconstruct the walking paths.

These public investment in the unique, superior past park, for tourists of particular interest in the provision of services will provide an essential boost for the revival of the historic Rehabilitation Park.

Visualization of Rehabilitation Park

1 328,45 m2, 1,520,44 m2 and 16 558,23 m2 of sanatorium buildings and 2,1513 ha land plot Liepu str. 1, Druskininkai.

5 050,12 m² reabilitacinis korpusas Ligoninės g. 5 su 1 060 m² kiemo aikštele, 4 433,07 m² reabilitacinis korpusas Ligoninės g. 5A su 185 m² kiemo aptvėrimu ir 1,8158 ha žemės sklypas Ligoninės g. 5, Druskininkai.

1085,77 m ² sanatorium building with rent of 1.44 ha of land plot Sausoji g. 1 in Druskininkai

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