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As Lithuanian pearl  repeatedly called Druskininkai in recent years a story of its rise, which is impossible to deny, silence and even difficult to distort, as it is visible to everyone. It was time that the story was completely different, but also visible.

This year marks the 220th anniversary of Druskininkai resort – a great opportunity to compare the nearby past and present, recorded in documentary photo frames that we decided to show to the people of Druskininkai and their guests, publishing in the press, later exhibiting in public spaces. We invite all who have captured such changes to share them, to send photos reflecting the history of our city, which we are witnesses and creators. It is not in vain that only with the proper understanding of the lessons of the past, whatever they are, we will evaluate the benefits of the present and we will be more secure, looking into the future.

Let's see ourselves and show others how quickly it is possible to live the city and how quickly it can be lifted – there is a man's hand joining everything. The most important is where and how it leads the city. The combination of old traditions and new ideas and resolute solutions brought Druskininkai to the status of today – a visible, gifted, luring resort. It was created and still created by the people of Druskininkai, believing that the generating power – stronger than the demounting one.

In the restoration of Lithuania's independence, Druskininkai already was a famous and known resort, but after changes in the economic and political situation, the city was shooked and not one year from it was heard only by the praises and fears that the merchant resort is nearing the boundaries of bankruptcy. I'd go back to the loss, dragging the others, and I'd always be more straightforward than hanging out of it.

Ever changing Druskininkai preserved fundamental values, famous and still famous our city in the country and abroad. We are proud that Druskininkai is surrounded by a wonderful nature, as we also use natural therapeutic factors – mineral water, therapeutic mud, nurture and improve the traditions of treatment and health, offering increasingly new services. The lovely Druskininkai environment creates a special auras, inspiring and pulling here to come and long to stay for artists, creators, versatile and energetic young people, who are willing to build their life and their future in Druskininkai.

After all, Druskininkai is hihgly desirable resort. Our city is all enough to see a constantly remarkable, renewable, with surprisingly bold ideas implementation of which has already become an exceptional greeting card of Druskininkai.

Every time we welcome our guests, we are not only proud of our city, but also by taking responsibility for its further well-being, for its forward development, for its presence leadership, which is aligned with whom he is admired and who, unfortunately, is envy of it.  Let's be strong.

Linas Urmanavičius

Deputy Mayor of Druskininkai Municipality


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